Add CLAY To Yield Farming

1.1 Clay Mates, was launched in April 2021 with the aim to bring joy and high-quality art to the Cardano NFT community. Today, with a growing team and a heightened vision, the focus of the Clay Nation team is to stretch the boundaries of the Web3 space through art and our passion for music, culture, and technology.

We are building a bridge between the Cardano blockchain and the rest of the world, forging epic partnerships and identifying synergies between real life experiences and virtual connections. Today, we aim to reach an audience much wider and more diverse than in the typical NFT scene.

We actively promote kindness and inclusion. As part of our initiative ‘The Clay Way’, we continue to make numerous donations to many amazing charities.

1.2 $CLAY token will be the main utility and governance token of Clay Nation.

Our goal is to maximise utility of the token and to foster an ecosystem in which participants are as engaged as possible.

Within the first few days of the token being traded there is already over 9,000 unique wallets holding tokens.

1.3. I think adding a MIN farm would be great value to min holders primarily from more TVL and increased daily traded volume. Clay has proven itself to be a large player in the Cardano space and being the first dex to offer liquidity incentives would also be good for branding and general awareness.


Full details of token claiming can found here: $CLAY Baking Guide - Clay Nation

1.5. No know audit to date.

2 Current minswap TVL for the CLAY pool is ₳1.12m with no incentives. ₳742k in traded volume in the last 24hrs and ₳3.11m volume since 13th August.

3 Should CLAY Have a MIN Farm?

  • Yes, in favor
  • No, do not add this Farm

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