Add cTOSI-ADA pair to Yield Farming

Dear Minswap community,

This is the TosiDrop team. Since our recent mainnet launch, it has been amazing to see our community grow and new projects take interest in using our platform to distribute tokens. For both the Minswap and TosiDrop communities, we are proposing a MIN and cTOSI double farm for the cTOSI-ADA pair on the Minswap platform.

1.1 Please describe your project. What is it doing to improve Cardano?

TosiDrop is a token distribution platform on Cardano and Ergo that allows projects in the ecosystem to seamlessly distribute tokens to their community members in a secure, efficient, and versatile manner. The immense power of blockchain technology is derived primarily from decentralization; that is, the dispersion of functions and powers to the many, rather than just a few. Blockchain projects that adhere to the core principle of decentralization will be well-positioned to take advantage of TosiDrop to build a community that collectively works together to advance any new idea with a truly decentralized ownership structure, where growth in value is enjoyed primarily by the project community as a whole. Beyond individual projects themselves, TosiDrop hopes to play a part in accelerating the success and adoption of the Cardano ecosystem as a whole, by helping high quality projects distribute their tokens effectively and in turn create value for large and influential global communities. Cardano is one of the most decentralized blockchains in existence, and a perfect place for communities to utilize the power of decentralization to build a better world for all.

1.2 What does the Token do? How many holders does it currently have?

cTOSI is the Cardano-native governance and revenue sharing token of the TosiDrop Platform. As a governance token, cTOSI holders will play a crucial role in determining TosiDrop’s direction for the future. Furthermore, TosiDrop recently launched its revenue generating functionality on the Cardano mainnet, initiating the revenue sharing utility of cTOSI tokens. There are currently 3,950 cTOSI holders.

1.3. Why do you want a MIN Farm? How does the Minswap community benefit from offering a MIN Farm for your Token? Apart from the MIN Farm, will you add your own Token as incentives as well (Double Farm) If yes, how much?

Introducing a MIN Farm for TosiDrop has the potential to benefit Minswap, TosiDrop, and other community-centric Cardano projects that will be distributed through the TosiDrop platform. TosiDrop will receive more exposure, increasing the efficiency of project onboarding and distributions of ecosystem projects. Wide distributions of new project tokens and the value therein created by global communities will be exchanged on Minswap, benefiting all parties involved. The overall increase in the functionality and reach of both platforms can provide value to both communities and the Cardano ecosystem as a whole. To start, 10,000,000 cTOSI will be offered for double farming.

1.4. How much circulating supply is there of your token? Please inform us briefly on your tokenomics, including the distribution and vesting schedule of the token (investors, team, yield farming, etc.)

There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000 cTOSI. Our tokenomics are as follows; 90% public allocation and 10% team allocation. Yield farming will come from the 90% public allocation

1.5. Is your Project audited? By whom?

TosiDrop is not yet audited, however it will be audited prior to being open sourced. TosiDrop is built by veteran members across the Cardano ecosystem.

Thank you to our community for your continued support, and to the Minswap community for your contribution to the Cardano ecosystem. Let’s continue building crucial infrastructure for Cardano, and for a better future for all.

Should cTOSI have a MIN Farm?
  • Yes, in favor
  • No, do not add this Farm

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When and how will TosiDrop provide liquidity? How much?

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The ctosi/ada pool needs some more TVL. Tosi team addresses this, then I think it is a good proposal.

People see ctosi in a farm. They check the website. See they have tokens to claim, and bring them right back to Minswap to swap. Generating fees for the protocol. :+1:


There is a wide variety of tokens that can be claimed from TosiDrop. It’s reasonable to suspect that many of those users would sell their claimed tokens. Those users also likely hold cTosi to recoup some of the fees from using cTosi.

A double farm on Minswap would incentivize those same users to provide liquidity and farm to acquire more cTosi and MIN.

Plenty of activity and is fees to go around and I would suspect they would align with the same DEX. I may be biased because I exclusively use Minswap, but if I provide liquidity, I’d likely use the same DEX for all my other swaps (if able).


Love the proposal. Tosi is great.


Tosi is a great project with a fantastic community behind it. This will only grow as more and more projects on Cardano and Ergo use their platform for token distribution. I would happily provide liquidity to gain more Ctosi and Min tokens. Lest do this guys.

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