Add SHEN/ADA and DJED/ADA to Yield Farming

COTI has informed the community that ADA staking rewards for SHEN and DJED liquidity providers will be airdropped to Minswap and not directly to the LP providers. So, we need farming to distribute the rewards from COTI, and the staking rewards from the ADA side of the pair.


Just an immediate thought….
There could be a need to restrict lp withdrawal to a window after each snapshot to avoid people draining (and then flooding) the pool every 20 days to double their gains.
Otherwise, perhaps minswap would need to take a snapshot of lp state themselves at the exact same time as coti, and work from that when distributing awards. That seems quite awkward.


I think Minswap needs to come up with a quick solution in order to maintain its market leading position. Otherwise, other DEXes could use the advantage of a first user.


Wrong, only SHEN holders will be paid. not DJED, but I am of the same opinion, and that the ADA rewards that have to be paid to SHEN holders, be added to the POOL SHEN-ADA to add more liquidity.

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“It will distributed to their wallets. We are working with COTI team on this. we just built an API that COTI team can use to know who hold ADA/SHEN LPs on Minswap.” - Member of the core team on discord had commented on this