Adding CLAP/ADA Liquidity Mining Rewards

Proposal: Adding CLAP/ADA Liquidity Mining Rewards


Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues. Adding CLAP/ADA liquidity mining rewards and continuing to keep the MIN reward high is one of the stepping stones to the healthy growth of both projects.


As the 1st DEX (TVL) for Cardano, Minswap is the ideal launchpad for providing CLAP/ADA liquidity mining rewards in CLAP and MIN. The incentives will benefit both communities as the liquidity pair will give an entirely new use case. As a result, the LP rewards will effectively keep all users involved in both projects. Cardashift will provide 0.1% or 1 000 000 of CLAP tokens from their supply for CLAP/ADA pair farming rewards. Rewards would be distributed in a period of 3 months from the beginning of farming and would be claimable at any minute.

Overview of Cardashift

Cardashift builds an ecosystem of products and services based on Cardano blockchain technology to foster sustainable development, including its social and environmental dimensions. The ecosystem is powered by CLAP utility token, which can be leveraged to fund above-mentioned transitions. The very first product in our ecosystem, Cardashift Launchpad, is set to be the first ADA-based launchpad for impact projects. We are a collective of passionate entrepreneurs and experts in blockchain, innovation and product management willing to leverage blockchain technology for a sustainable and prosperous future.

CLAP token holders are empowered with a variety of utilities that make them active stakeholders in the governance of the Cardashift ecosystem:

  • Voting rights in project selection process
  • Participate in Initial Dex Offering (IDOs)
  • Privileged access for CLAP holders
  • No fees
  • Dynamic token value CLAP is locked in liquidity pools to retain value

You can find more information about supply and tokenomics (voting, vesting, roadmap) here: Cardashift - Debug the world


Most aspects of the CLAP/ADA liquidity mining pair have to do with the standard liquidity mining benefits. Still, they closely correlate with the principle of fair and progressive decentralization of both platforms. We also want to expand our partnership with Minswap and keep a strong incentive in MIN through the 1st double incentive pool (CLAP & MIN). Moreover, this act will open up many more opportunities for the Cardano community.

Increase of TVL for Minswap

Undoubtedly, providing liquidity is one of the primary purposes of every DEX. As the holder of more than 60% of the blockchain TVL, Minswap will significantly benefit from collaborating with a fellow protocol. Ultimately, the influx of CLAP will help the DEX retain its reputation as the go-to place for trading native assets.

0.1% of the total supply, 1 000 000 CLAP, will be allocated to this program. 10K CLAP will be emitted and can be harvested daily for 3 months (100 days).

A win-win situation

Last but not least, the partnership between Cardashift and Minswap will be a win-win situation for both users and platforms. In this regard, liquidity providers will be directly involved by taking part in the fair distribution of the native tokens. In turn, they will receive rewards while both protocols accumulate the desired liquidity for seamless operation.


Adding CLAP/ADA liquidity mining rewards in CLAP will benefit both projects. What’s more, it will give liquidity providers a fair and DOUBLE incentive that will provide a good use case for their service. Ultimately, this opportunity will bond the two project communities, effectively increasing Cardashift and Minswap’s exposure and adoption.

Learn more about Cardashift

In a few words, Cardashift is an ecosystem of products and services designed to support impact projects. We raised $10M to foster impact investing through Cardano blockchain 8.

Concerning our first product, the above-mentioned launchpad, we are currently at the end of our voting phase, by our community. More than 4000+ people have voted for nom. They will select the two best projects out of ten they want us to support. You can see more about the progress here:

We are supported by Orange Dao, a DAO from Y Combinator 4

Sebastien LYON 7 - Ex-executive of UNICEF

Guillaume CAPELLE - Founder of SINGA

Yvan DEPIERRE 1 - CEO of JUA & ex-CFO of Apple Fr

Our WhitePaper

Our Discord

Add a MIN + CLAP Double Farm on Minswap?
  • Yes, of course!
  • No

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Where to vote for you my friend?

Voted :slight_smile:
Thanks Minswap’s team

Poll added! Thank you for your reactivity

I voted yes of course since I’m providing liquidity already for CLAP/ADA pair on minswap. However I’m wondering is there a reason why it seems that higher % of CLAP total supply was allocated to SundaeSwap even tho they are not offering sundae farming with clap/ada pair while minswap had allocated min rewards for clap LP since the beginning? It just kinda seems unfair especially considering the fact that more people use & trade on minswap comapred to ss.

Hi Equalscash,

That’s a really good point, thank you for pointing it out and for voting yes!

When we started the discussion for this, SundaeSwap was the 1st AMM at that time. Be reassured, we surely keep the possibility to increase the rewards for MinSwap if this double incentive is a big success. We’ll monitor this very closely.

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Voted! definitely YES :white_check_mark:

Hi there :open_hands:,

Voted yes, but what a technical thread🧐.
Please keep it as simple as you to let not crypto-saavy guy (like me :crazy_face:) be able to get onboard knowing what we are doing.
Come to that World thanks to Cardashift :+1:.


Hi Urbatecte,

Thank you for your vote and your reply. We’re trying to be as transparent and to detail as much as possible, to allow the community to know everything. We’ll try to make a ELI5 section next time if wanted!

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This is a great idea! Glad to see it moving forward. Double rewards are definitely a win-win for both projects.

Yesss…lets voted it,i really appreciated with your choice

I’m happy to farm as much CLAP as I can. Thanks, team!

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Great project to add as a double farm, lets do it!

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Is there any news on whether this double farm will happen or not?

Edit: Whoops, spoke a few hours too soon:


I’m hoping for triple farm, MIN, CLAY ADA :crossed_fingers: