Adding iUSD-ADA and iBTC-ADA Farming

I propose to allocate 2 farming points to iUSD and iBTC for the next farming adjustment, 1 farming point for each pool, to boost Indigo and the stablecoin. And bring more investment to Minswap.
Those points can be drawn from the small and medium pairs

mouse: 0.01 points are subtracted 8 pools =0.08
dog: 0.02 p. are subtracted 1 pools =0.02
kitty: 0.05 p. are subtracted 2 pools =0.1
cat: 0.10 p. are subtracted 4 pools= 0.4
tiger: 0.35 p. are subtracted 4 pools"does not count DANA"=1.4

TOTAL: 2 Points Farming

We do not touch the Min-ADA pool

This to attract new investors to Minswap and more utility to your token.

I think that all of the above is a priority, because other DEXes are already getting ahead of the implementation of Farming with iUSD

Let’s also not forget that it doesn’t take long to release 2 stablecoins, and we will need more pools with farming.


I don’t know if you know this, but those LP tokens will soon be farmable on Indigo Protocol if the vote goes through, which it looks like it will at this rate.