Adding YUMMI and MIN Yield Farming for the YUMMI/ADA Pool using a Mouse Farm

This proposal uses the proposed template for requests: We want to open a MIN Farm!

And the concept of Mouse Farm that was introduced here: Announcing Double Farms

1.1 Please describe your project. What is it doing to improve Cardano?

Yummi Universe aims to bring a creature collection similar to Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon and Moshi Monsters to the realm of blockchain.

We want to create an inspiring project that is accessible for everyone! A universe that encourages players to battle together, trade with each other and most of all, have fun.

We are making a full-scale ecosystem, made up of various on-chain and off-chain components that incorporate many different features centred around a Play-2-Earn game and our Cardano native token $YUMMI. From an impressive NFT art collection acting as game assets, to a web app proposing different types of staking, governance and more planned, we aim to create a vibrant and long lasting product on Cardano.

1.2 What does the Token do? How many holders does it currently have?

$YUMMI uses can be classified in two ways, in our ecosystem and with partners.

Some of the utility in our ecosystem will be intertwined with gameplay, spending and earning $YUMMI along with your in-game progression and to buy packs of cards. Other uses will include staking, governance and more as we evolve.

As for partners projects we have already announced two, one with Trading Tent where you’ll be able to use $YUMMI to pay the platform fees. And one with CNFT Jungle Predator extension, where you can buy one of their subscriptions exclusively in $YUMMI right now.
With more partnerships to be announced in the coming days.

At the time of writing we’ve only proceeded with a one time airdrop for Series 1 holders in order to get the initial supply going. Making the holders count at more than 764 different wallets.

However, on the 15th we will release our NFT staking platform allowing people to stake four of our collections for $YUMMI, which have some of the best holders/supply ratio on Cardano.

Yummi Universe - Naru 4828 owners for a supply of 10000

Yummi Universe - Spoopy Naru 3073 owners for a supply of 6089

Yummi Universe - Winter Naru 1108 owners for a supply of 1913

Yummi Universe - Spring Naru 942 owners for a supply of 1998

If we estimate that 80%+ of all Narus are staked our $YUMMI holders count could grow to 4000+ once the first staking rewards gets distributed.

1.3. Why do you want a MIN Farm? How does the Minswap community benefit from offering a MIN Farm for your Token? Apart from the MIN Farm, will you add your own Token as incentives as well (Double Farm) If yes, how much?

Yummi Universe aims to establish strong liquidity between our native token and the broader Cardano ecosystem. Having a MIN Farm would be a perfect incentive to generate strong liquidity in the pool.

Cardano DeFi and NFT communities are still far from being homogeneous with some users having barely connected to any Dapp, with more than a year doing NFTs on Cardano we have amassed a nice and diverse community that could be potential future Minswap users.

We’d like to request a Mouse Farm, in which we’ll participate with 40,000,000 $YUMMI over a period of 6 months.

1.4. How much circulating supply is there of your token? Please inform us briefly on your tokenomics, including the distribution and vesting schedule of the token (investors, team, yield farming, etc.)

At the time of writing circulating supply is at 71,255,162 $YUMMI
You can find an explanation of our tokenomics distribution and vesting schedule here : Yummi Universe Litepaper - Tokenomics

1.5. Is your Project audited? By whom?
At the time of writing we have not received any security audits.

Should YUMMI have a MIN Farm ?

  • Yes, in favor
  • No, do not add this Farm

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Man I Love $Yummi, this proposal sounds great!


This will help bring the CNFT community to DEFI space


LFG! So hyped for $Yummi


#NFA but I surely believe that Yummi Universe will become one of the biggest P2E in the crypto world. $YUMMI is just the start!


We want Yummi + Min!! One of the best building NFT projects on Cardano!!


so exited about $Yummi and the utility that’s is bringing to the Cardano community


This is hype been bullish on these for a while now <3


This sounds like a great proposal. If this passes I will be adding liquidity for sure and earning some sweet $Yummi.


So bullish! Yes please!


Can’t wait to farm $Yummi!


OG project bringing that’s proven they’re able to stay in the game and are now adding further utility and value to holders. Nothing but respect!


I am absolutely in favor of this proposal. Adding $yummi will bring a lot of CNFT people into the space and maybe inspire other CNFT tokens to adopt farms as well!


Definitely in favor of this proposal!
Easily one of the most underrated CNFT project with a wholesome community, with this proposal in place, its utilities will further enhance Yummi Universe as a project!


Great proposal and I can’t wait to stake my $YUMMI on Minswap. The team behind Yummi is top notch, they always follow through with their plans, and I know they’ll be a great partner for the platform.


Yes please! Yummi is love, Yummi is life!


One of the best projects on Cardano! The art is beautiful and I simpy can’t wait for the game to get out :slight_smile: Even without the game I treat every nft as a collectible and I’ll be glad to provide liquidity to the farm. LFG!


With Yummi Universe aiming to give us one of the best P2E games, one of the next goals is to attract more people/users into the ecosystem. The easiest way to have an exposure to YU ecosystem is by getting $Yummi, and with demand for $Yummi that means having more liquidity providers will be very helpful to keep a strong and healthy ecosystem. What better way to attract more holders to provide liquidity than to incentivise them with the ability to farm MIN. I also think that this is one of the best way to bridge the larger CNFT and DeFi communities.




A $Yummi Min Farm would be fantastic. I hope this proposal passes.