All tokens Lost

I made a mistake I wanted to send some Ada to my kucoin adresse but I sended all my tokens from my minswap wallet to the kucoin ADA adresse, so I contacted the support team on kucoin they said I have to provide them the transaction ID but I m unable to find TxID on my minswap wallet so can anybody help me to locate the transction ID so I can get back my lost tokens thank you

Use cardanoscan and paste your wallet address there, it will show you all the transactions you did. Find the one that you’ve send the tokens to the kucoin address and send it to them.

thank you for the reply I used Ada scan and I found my tokens but I have send many transaction id to kucoin support team and they say the wallet does not belong to them which is not true, so they need the correct Txid I need help to find the correct Txid can you help me or do you know someone who can help me find the correct txiD thank you so much