Any plans to stop MIN inflation?

Hi guys, I started using minswap from the meteor period but just joined the forum now.

I’ve noticed that MIN inflation is rising to no end. Is it only my concern or anyone else shares the same concerns as mine? I believe it will eats up our earnings if MIN value keeps on falling.

So are there any plans to stop/reduce this situation? Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you and have a great day


There’s a limited supply of MIN (5B in total), it will eventually have to all get to market. The big thing is to give the token utility so that it becomes desirable to hold. Eventually there’s going to be smaller amounts entering the market, but for now it’s a very young token. So price will go down initially as more enters the market and there’s sell pressure from yield farmers. Given time and utility the value will eventually come to to MIN.


I see. Hopefully MIN utility will come soon, perhaps like MIN staking? Ok I think the best I can do for now is to wait and see how MIN grows as a token. Couldn’t help but ask as I see even though the number of MIN I got grow from the farm but the number of ADA it represents drops in a matter of two days. Thank you @Heclalava for the information. Have a great day