Bulk / Rolled up trades (many:1)

I’m not sure what the actual term is for what I’m trying to propose but I’ll give a use case that I can see it would be useful in.

Hypothetical example (token amounts not important):

I want to trade 100 WMT, 50 MIN and 10 LQ all for ADA.

At the moment I have to do 3 trades. Meaning 3x trading fees and 3x transactions on the blockchain.

Would it be feasible to select more than 1 token (I.e all 3 above) to trade into a single currency (i.e ADA). [I’m making the assumption that it would be too complex to facilitate trading for more than just one token. I’m also not sure if there is a realistic use case for this complexity.]

In my head, the above would save users fees and reduce Tx volume.

I could see this being a big draw for users to the protocol. Especially when trading smaller volumes of tokens. I’m thinking of the shrimps, not the whales here.

Interested in people’s thoughts and whether this has been considered before?


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