Can't stake nor withdraw LP Tokens

When I try to stake my LP token minswap gives me an error that says "unexpected error value: “Not enough ADA leftover to include non-ADA assets in a change address”. The same messege is given when trying to withdraw my LP tokens.

I haven’t experienced this myself but I’ve heard of people who have had the issue you’re describing… For one of them they consolidated all their UTXOs by sending all assets to a single address in their wallet or you could also send all your funds to a different wallet altogether and then try again.

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This error occurs because the coin selection strategy in cardano-serialization-lib doesn’t account for minimum ADA when selecting UTxOs for inputs. A solution is to send all funds to yourself then try again. Long-term solution is to fix this bug in cardano-serialization-lib which our team will try to find time to do or wait for dcSpark ;).

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am having the same problem, cannot harvest, and cannot remove my LP token, now you said that the solution is to send all funds to ourselves and then try again, can you please tell me how to do so?

Please join us on discord and use the #support-tickets channel, we can further walk you through it.

Thanks, how to join Discord?

The official discord link is on our official twitter page.

Also if you guys ever need support, official support only exists on discord and we will NEVER DM YOU FIRST or NEVER ASK FOR YOUR SEEDPHRASE.

Thank you so much, i appreciated