Develop Minswap API

My proposal is very simple.

Implement an API with documentation such as that of UNISWAP that will allow users to access the full functionality of the DEX. It will also allow organizations and individuals that are not a part of the crypto ecosystem to start integrating their platform into that of the cardano ecosystem and since we will be the first, we will have a lot of time to build out this API so that it will be extremely usable and ahead compared to the competition. This removes the need for a custodian to manually make swaps on the dex and allows more automation and integration.

I believe this will have a huge benefit to Minswap as it will allow people to perform arbitrage which will not only keep the prices of assets more in line with the rest of the markets, but it will also allow more volume to flow through the dex. It will also incentivize other players within or outside of the cardano and crypto ecosystem to be able to access Minswap’s tools in a more streamlined and automated fashion through their own code bases.