Display Total Commission Earned for Providing Liquidity

Please display Total Commission Earned for each of the Liquidity Pool. This will be a valuable tool for Liquidity Providers in assessing the profitability and risk associated with Impermanent/Differential Loss of each pool.


Data label could be “Fees earned” with earnings from each token indicated separately. Total value can be displayed in Ada with rate derived from the AMM oracle.


I second this. I think there should be some sort of analytics page where each user can see the amount of liquidity provided, the fees earned, and the rewards earn for their wallets.


it will be useful for sure, still number one priority the next 10 days is the protocol to start smoothly!


I third this proposal. I think it’s a largely underrated and easily dismissed aspect to liquidity provision that should be prioritized (starting at launch or soon thereafter) because it will draw coins to pools that token-holders are otherwise just hodling (to pools that are currently not being incentivized. As a matter of fact, I had seeded the cNeta pool on SundaeSwap and soon thereafter realized that I was just trusting the team to correctly provide transaction fees’ data some time in the future. No thank you. So, I just withdrew the liquidity instead of being subjected to impermanent loss.


I support this suggestion and would add that there actually should be 2 stats displayed:

1 - Total Commission/Fees earned for each pool. This could be displayed as an additional column, say next to “APR”. This stats could represent the total amount of fees collected since the pool’s inception (there could be another stats showing the last 24 hrs fees earned)
2 - For each LP position that a user has entered in, I would suggest to have a similar stat (i.e. Total Commission/Fees earned). This could be placed under each position found in “Pool > Your Liquidity” .

I think Travis’s suggestion of having an analytics page might be a good idea, but having some relatively easy to understand statistics to attract users on the platform should be more prominently displayed on page.

My two cents :slight_smile:


Everyone need this, its obviously an important feature!

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Showing the Pool fees earned over the same 7D period as Volume 7D would be helpful. I can calc my rough fees (pool share * Fees 7D) without minswap being accountable for factoring in starting times across multiple lots.


I think it’s a great idea and should be included.


yeah this is one thing that sundaeswap bugs people…you have to make another spreadsheet to just calculate stuff, wasting so much time really…please display earnings in MIN and ADA and IL.

this would be extremely helpful and encourage trust and capital efficiency, key differentiator !


It’s a great idea, provides more transparency to what we gain.


It’s a great idea, I have been always asking this in the forums that there is gotta be a way for me to see my share of the transactions fee.


YEs please… I think it’s pretty obvios people want this one. Thanks team!


This will make Minswap more transparency and trust, I strongly believe Minswap will make it for communities


This is such a great idea!

It would also be helpful to include a chart of our Pool Share over time as well as the change in number of pooled coins in each pair.

Thanks so much!

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Exactly, for so many days I thought I am only learning MIN tokens, no liquidity fee…!

yeah me too i lookin for that…would be helpful and appreciated !

Yes, good idea! toally ageee with it.


This is especially needed for tax compliance.

how do i calculate the value of the LP TOKENS of a pool?