Eb.info.includes is not a function

Getting this error on any transaction (trade or liquidity). Was working before


Were you able to resolve the problem? The same thing is happening to me and the last transaction I carried out only debited my wallet but the asset I bought did not reach me, after that any transaction I try to carry out, this message appears.

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I have same problem, is there any solution?

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I have the same problem. Whenever I try to complete the transaction by clicking the confirm in my Yoroi wallet I get an error eb.info.includes is not a function.

Admin, is there a solution for this? Thanks.

Is there any one there who can answer these queries. I am getting contacted by some scam people to provide my passwords for wallet. If you are not monitoring this forum what is the point of having this forum. Also where is your support?

yoroi wallet go to settings and resync