Extend Minswap to Algorand via State Proofs

Minswap is for sure my favorite DEX on Cardano. But since I started looking into Algorand, I wish I could use Minswap there as well in a seamless way.

How could this work?
Algorand implements a concept called State Proofs that allows inter-chain security. State Proofs can be used to build a secure bridge between Algorand and other chains.

My proposal would be that Minswap uses State Proofs to bridge Algorand assets to Cardano and makes them tradable on Minswap like Cardano assets.

Use cases
Ideally I could buy USDC on Kucoin, withdraw them to Algorand and then buy ADA on Minswap for USCD on Algorand.

Other use cases would be buying Algo for ADA or swapping between USDC on Algorand and the upcoming Djed stable coin on Cardano.


What you’re asking for is a bridge construct to facilitate cross-chain asset transfer between Algorand and Cardano, via Algorand’s state proofs (and light clients).

This is a non-trivial task that may not be in the development roadmap of Minswap as a DEX protocol. Rather, this can be proposed more to the Cardano DeFi Alliance where multiple DEXs and related entities can collectively contribute to such an endeavour.


Hmmm this seems like a much larger project, would be great if another cNeta project emerges but for Algorand

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