Farming Harvest not reflecting

I harvested my farms but yield does not appear in wallet. I can see yield has gone to 0 in the farms, and its not showing as a pending order any more but token balances in Minwallet remains the same? Can any one help? Is there an issue? This is the first time its happened and I’ve been using Minswap for months now. Any ideas/thoughts?

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Which pool are you harvesting from and can you send a screenshot of the transaction id?

I just withdrew my liquidity yesterday from aada. There is nothing pending in my orders nor does it have an order saying I withdrew it but it shows zero staked and it has not been returned to my wallet.

Also, I received my Ada and min rewards in my wallet when I withdrew from the aada farm but I never got back my Ada and aada I provided as liquidity. Any ideas on what’s happening?

You probably only unstaked the LP tokens. You also need to go to liquidity drop down menu > your liquidity, find it and then klick on remove.