Give us your suggestions here!

Hello! With the recent launch (please use Minswap DEX on !) we have been getting many many suggestions on improvements.

We really want to listen to the community and implement this stuff . BUT, its super hard to keep up with the suggestions in Discord/Reddit, etc.

I propose we use this post for you to just spit out any ideas you think could add value to the DEX! If you have something very elaborate or concrete, kindly also start a different post explaining a bit more, thank you! :blush:


Great job team. Loving it. However, I was a little jarred and confused initially, trying to find the prices for tradeable pairs. This, IMO, should be the first thing a user sees and is able to interact with, rather than having to toggle between the “overview” and “trade” windows. The overview should lead into the trade windows through identifying the pair you want to trade and their price. In other words, your UI is not as intuitive as SS.

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Also, your swap UI is scuffed, it doesnt seem to be interacting with the tradeable pool, but my own wallet. I cant swap ADA for any of the assets listed on the sites, all that shows up are assets within my own wallet. SUPER WEIRD

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I see now that trades are possible through the “Pool” tab and clicking swap, but this is counterintuitive since the “Trade” tab is where I would go to make my swaps.

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Captura.PNG LQ
Who understands this , as you have several LQ how will you be able to distinguish them when you want to move them. It would be so difficult to put LQ-ada-cneta

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It would be interesting to add a price movement graph even if it is simple like the one for muesli

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My order had to little slippage and wasn´t fullfilled. Now it says:

Your order’s slippage is Out-of-range , options: update, cancel or wait till the pool price changes to meet your order’s slippage.

But I don´t see a button for “update” price, only for “cancel”. Maybe this is missing.

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Great job on the release. i’m very excited to be part of the launch of Minswap. The UI looks fresh and the art background is amazing. Few things i would like to note:

Price of the tokens should be visible in the overview page directly. (As opposed to having to click each one to open price details) I suggest adding it right after the trading pair, or you can replace one of the visible metrics such as the 0.3% lp fee with it.

This is probably not very critical but noticed it doesn’t show when you submitted an order. It becomes visible in the UI only after it is confirmed on the chain.

Finally i think there is no auto refresh feature on. So im having to refresh the page to get an update on the order.

Thank you for all the hard work put into making this DEX!

Might I suggest adding a way to filter lists by ascending/decending order. For example the top tokens page, would be nice to sort the list by price, or 24 hour volume or change, etc.
Also on top pools the same feature as above, but to also add a column for the current price.


Seconded. Just ran into this… I suppose you can update your slipping tolerance in the settings, but there is no easy access to that from the alert box. Would also be clearer to lay out the options what can/should be changed (e.g. “increase tolerance or decrease swap size”).

Upon cancelling I ran into a situation were the modal for signing in the wallet popped up, but not the wallet itself. The modal cannot be closed via UI, the only way out of this situation if for users to completely reload the page. Since the modal shows a busy-spinner users may wait long before doing this, which makes for a suboptimal user experience.

Not sure if this happened to anyone else or just me! When I went to the trade page, I could only see assets in the ‘to’ section that were in my wallet. I would have to go to the main ‘overview’ page, click on the pair, and hit swap.

It is very confusing when I make a transaction from meld to ada that in the order book I put ada meld. And if you don’t put the amount even more. If you make several orders as well as if you get confused, it is very difficult to correct since you do not know which is which.
Having access to a history and orders is important,
with easy access to quantities no need to go to cardano scan

It would be nice to see more info on the ORDERS screen rather than just a link to Cardanoscan, I like the minswap site better overall vs SS for several reasons (Zap is a great feature, orders are quick) as mentioned above, but, regards to this, SS has a better interface. Also on the orders tab I do like how SS shows the price paid for the swap, so it is easier to find when looking at up a few days later.


In Orders page, I think the pair icons should reflect the actual swaps. All three of these I swapped WMT to ADA , not the other way like the icon currently suggested.


Order screen needs to be upgraded asap. We need far more information than just the fee and date of the transaction. Thanks for the link but…

I think we should have gotten the details for the LBE transactions of Purr Tokens to the Minswap LP tokens. I made a swap and I don’t see the exchange price or total (in ADA) for that transaction in the Orders screen.
It’s all about ease of use and as long as I can’t see these details, then I can’t use this app as often. Help us track our cost basis starting with the LBE transaction. It should be available at a glance.
Just a suggestion, I still like this DEX and want it to become the app we all want. So I still plan to tinker around to get use to it.


Linking @MarcusAurelius suggestion to this thread, to make sure it does not go unnoticed :slight_smile:

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Linked my own proposal as well…
Update to Order Menu

A suggestion here: very few DEXs if any has own realtime tokenomics page. Why not to take a lead and develop a page on Minswap DEX where, in realtime, entire project tokenomics will be seen. Like page where you show to your community entire picture about MIN token. Total tokens amount, tokens in circulation, tokens allocated to different DEX funds, team tokens, release schedules, etc., visualized with plots, graphs, etc. This is going to be great step to radical transparency among Cardano DEXs as well as might become standard for best DEXs out there. What do you think?

Great job! The dex looks great and works great.
Some quality of live improvements would be nice when the time comes for them:
-Distinguish swaps under “orders” , swaps into ADA, swaps from ADA (or other tokens).
-also in orders, info about the swap, at what price the swap was made.
-under “pools”, sort pools by TVL, VOLUME, APR
-under “trade”, make a “max” button, or if we click the balance, it will add all balance to the swap
-under “overview” we also need sorting by TVL, 24 change, weekly change, volume, etc
-integrating ada handles would be nice when using multiple accounts
-wallet overview is much needed.

Im sure the devs are already working on most of these updates.