How to Get Reward Ada-Min

I have stake Ada-Min token. When I try to get reward. I received this error message.
Transaction Failed
Unexpected error value: “Not enough ADA leftover to include non-ADA assets in a change address”

Please assist me in this regard how i resolve this issue.

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If you have a lot of tokens or NFTs, more ADA can become “locked” in UTxOs. What you can do is either add more ADA to your wallet or clean up some UTxOs. You can clean up UTxOs by either sending all your assets to yourself or using Eternl wallets Tx builder witch has the functions: token fragmentation and collect UTxOs.

I recommend Eternl browser extension wallet because it has advanced UTxO management options.

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I didn’t know that, do you mean that it’s good to make NFT auto-transactions when I have a lot of NFTs in my wallet, or is it with all the TOKESNs?

It turns out that I wanted to create SHEN in Djed, on the testnet and it wouldn’t let me, it’s been DAYS! Trying to find out why, I self-sent all the SHEN I have, and now if I let myself create them.

Was that the solution, and if it is, then is this a problem for Cardano smart contracts?

I think it is a problem because some SC transactions can become too large if the tx tries to use too many UTXOs but I think this will be resolved in the future by having a standardised way to sort UTXOs. I’m not an expert on these things but I notice that different apps handle UTXOs differently.

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