Increase Fees in StableSwap

I have done some calculations, and the rates for the exchange of stable currencies is very low “for me”.
Let’s say that for every 1000 Djed per USDC, the pool earns 0,05 Djed.
this is too low to reward liquidity holders, as would a pool with 0.25% fees leaving 2.5 Djed profit (The example above).
I understand that concentrated liquidity drives up profits. But I believe that leaving the fees so low would discourage adding liquidity, farming would drive stable pools.

I think the best performance and incentive to add liquidity, is that you can earn 1 USD for every 1000 Dollars in a Stable Pool, MIN would also deserve to increase that reward. So I propose the following rate, to reward liquidity holders and to send rewards to MIN holders.

Current rate and example with exchange of $1000:
For each trade a 0.005% ($0.05) goes to liquidity providers and 0.005% ($0.05) goes to MIN stakers.

Total USD Fees: $0.10

New Fees (proposed) and example with exchange of $1000:
For each trade a 0.1% ($1) goes to liquidity providers and 0.01% ($0.1) goes to MIN stakers.

Total USD Fees: $1.1

  • Yes, increase rates so that StablePool earns $1 and MIN stakers earn $0.1 per $1000 in swap.
  • No, leave the current rates.
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I only voted no because this may seem like nothing but aggregators will literally route all small orders to another dex just because they get less of the stablecoin they want. Even if its just $1 less we end up losing the whole order.

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Good news SteelSwap have integrated stableswap. I mean the fees is a way to incitive more liquidity. We need deep liquidity in stableswap pools. We could lost big transaction… Smart routing will solve this problem? I’m not sure. Competition between dex will be hard. Slippage with low liquidity could be a real disability

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