Increase Transaction Fees to increase DEXs value

Set a 0.5 ADA fee per transaction in the DEX that should go for the DAO. Periodically the ADA collected could be used to ZAP in ADA/MIN. That will help MIN valuation and will increase liquidity in the dex.


IMO, it’s a bad idea. the way to increase value is by adding value to the users, not through taxation


I agree. Increasing fees probably isn’t that way to go. Having increased traffic by adding user value will likely increase the total value (monetarily and nonmonetary) without alienating the user base. Looks at traditional stock brokers they all went the way of no fees and see high fund inflow. People go where it is cheapest to buy and sell.


May be the way to go is through splitting the batchers fee and destinate part to help MIN valuation. People go where there is cheapest to buy and sell but they also go where they have enough liquidity. There is no value in a best low cost performing app with no liquidity