Ledger wallet error - {"name":"DeviceStatusError","code":28160}

New user here. Trying to connect my ledger wallet for the first time to minswap (on laptop)

Keep getting this error:

My ledger wallet says:
application is ready

Please help.

and now here’s a new error i just got
Failed to execute ‘claimInterface’ on ‘USBDevice’: Unable to claim interface.

thank you. hoping this works

Seeking other ways with no KYC where I can swap AGIX for ADA or another coin. Want to cash out. This ledger wallet connection error seems to be an issue that’s been going on for days

hey please do not interact with that website, its a scam
do not connect your wallet to that website or share your seedphrase

can you please open a ticket in minswap discord server?
you can get the links from official minswap webpage