Liquidity not found

Dear Minswap Support,
I provide liqudity in minswap interface & result in this transaction.

I do not see in Your Liqudity.

What I can do now?

Thank you.

Me too. I can’t seem to find it right now

Ive lost all of my liquidity pairs and Ada

Would you know on how we can report it to the developers?

I joined the discord server but I got stuck on the verification-ish bot

I’ve already created a support ticket in Discord.
They’re busy on launching Yield farming & will comeback with this soon.
They said that our fund will not lost. Just wait a little more time.

I had the same thing happen. Staked this morning-liquidity is now empty.
Do I need to do something?

Same here! My liquidity tab is empty and I can’t add to a farm… Please help!

Their servers are experiencing heavy load right now. I would assume it is related to the yield farm deposits opening earlier today. Give it some time and check back in a few hours.

Still not working… :frowning:

Okay, so I can see my LP tokens now, but can’t stake them to a farm. Farm

Do I need to fill out a support ticket for my liquidity not showing or anything besides wait?

I’ve got the same problem. Order went through but no liquidity showing and not able to stake. This was after harvesting and then providing liquidity using the reward tokens plus some extra ADA. Hope this is not a bug were we’ve lost our tokens.