Lp token - value

Hello guys, i have about LP TOKEN ADA-HOSKY, someone can help me to calculate the value?? i was not able to find any help on the forum…

Look at your liquidity on the Minswap DEX with your wallet connected, klick on the relevant pair, look at pooled ADA, times that by two and you have the current ADA equivalent of the tokens.

MInswap liquitidy

Forgive me but I did not understand the calculation, you could do a simulation on my case:

  • 190 ADA
  • 7000000000 hosky
  • 1145 280.00 LP TOKEN

thank you so much for the support

In this case the LP tokens are equivalent to (190*2) 380 ADA. 1 ADA is worth 0.457 USD in this moment so the value would be 0.457 * 380 = 173.66 USD. This is minus any fees that would be incurred in this conversion route.

Sorry but we don’t understand, that’s clear …

I want to know the gain for providing liquidity thanks to LP TOKEN