$MINomics Research Part 1: Exploring Tokenomic Models and Revenue Sources

I think we should give the MIN token advantages to holders like:

-Reduced transaction fee for Min holders/LPs (Scaled to portion owned?)
-Priority access to IDO/NFTs for the platform or partnerships
-LP Yield Boost on other tokens based on Min holding/LP
-Straight ADA Yield from Staking, LP Fees, BatcherFees etc

I really like the idea of protocol owned liquidity, with revenue also getting split into this treasury that itself generates interest and can be used to reduce MIN Supply and pay yeild to MIN holders/LPs while also accumulating assets to back MIN.

As I said before, I believe the staking rewards belong to the LP (maybe a small share can be redistributed but that’s it).
Providing liquidity is risky, the returns are not necessarily great.
If Providing liquidity means that I also have to give up my staking rewards (i.e there is also a big opportunity cost), then the proposal will start with a big minus

Batcher must be decentralized and a business like SPO with more MIN stacked on the batcher bring more % fees rewards.
MIN holders can stack on Batcher to have a part of the fees, add to that a % burn fees and the ability to use MIN as fee.

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May be the WMT model can be analyzed. The transaction will be given to “batchers” that have wmtokens. The more you have the more possibilities to validate transactions.

May be there is no need to burn any token. If you set mechanisms to add ADA value to MIN holders should be enough. I don’t have the numbers about the volume of transactions on the dex but if you set that 10% of bathcers fees are redistributed to MIN ADA lp providers you will get an increase in the demand for min and in the liquidity for the dex. As the DEX grows the revenue will grow and the demand for min will grow. Right now with the stacking rewards the LP revenue has been increased (almost 10%). If you add the a share of the dex fees it will help a lot the valuation of min in the short

So here are my thoughts,

A mechanism to lock MIN tokrnd for various lengths, 1 month, 4 month, 6 month, 1 year. Etc the longer the amount of time would put you in a pool with the highest fee % and you’d earn based on the amount of MIN you lock into the contract for that time.

So basically you’re showing commitment to the protocol by locking in min for a set duration of time and for that earning some of the protocols revenue.

Sounds like you would enjoy my veLP idea :wink:


Yes, we need to create utility and good partnerships, like Meld and Ardana and Worldmobile

This seems to be a solution, love the way minswap tries to make everything user friendly but every extra click and button make it harder (MinT for example) , we have to create a clear and dumb-proof DEX if we wanna have real adoption

I think implementing revenue sharing for MIN token holders would be a good way to provide utility. For example, 20% of the revenue generated on the DEX is allocated to MIN token holders (no need to stake anything) who receive their share in ADA. This would definitely intice people to participate in LP, in order to get MIN rewards, which in turn yield extra ada rewards from the 20% revenue share. And that way people are not incentivized to sell their MIN rewards. I‘m interested to hear what yall think about this idea?

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