MINt liquidity provision

Hi, all. I’m very much liking the dex layout! Great work!

I have some MINt from the ISO should I be providing liquidity to the MINt/Ada pool? Is there something better to do with it? hat is best for the protocol?


I have the same question, My understanding is that if you provide liquidity and the wallet contains the MINt token as well it will convert MINt to MIN, but I don’t have confirmation on this. I asked a bit on Twitter without any luck. I don’t know if all pools will be viable for this or only certain pools. If you get an answer can you post a reply here?

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Here’s a good straight from the horse’s mouth explanation of how MINt will be used (starting April 14th):


I think the best thing for the protocol is to hold on to your MINt tokens and stake them along with liquidity starting on April 14th. The protocol needs deep, long-term liquidity and MINt incentivizes that so just using it the way it was intended is probably a decent path forward.

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I have picked up quite a lot of MINt shortterm traders selling. Looking forwards to making minswap equal or better in TVL than sundaeswap which was a big disappointment

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I converted about 2000 MINt into the Minswap ADA/MINt LP pool today so I can avail myself of some APY on them until April 14 or so when I can withdraw and add to a YF pair. Yes, I could have some IL but hope that over the next five weeks I earn more back than the IL. The ADA/MINt LP pool shows a 24 hour volume of over 132,000 Ada so the APY math looks good.

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