Need help. I can't cancel order

I did the ADA - NEWM swap but is not complete. Reason:
Your order is out of price range , you can cancel or wait till the pool price changes to meet your order’s slippage.
But when I want to cancel the order, I get a message that I don’t understand: Need additional 5000000 lovelace but only 2129415 lovelace is available to choose.
What should I do?

You need to have more ADA in your wallet. Lovelace is fractions of ADA.

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This is true. @Rijeka1 : you need to have more ADA (1 ADA = 1000000 lovelaces). Other than that, kindly check also the slippage tolerance. Hope it helps :smiley:

You could check the Minswap dApps documentation here:

Or check out the similar topic here: Transaction Failed Error "UTxO Balance Insufficient" - #3 by Kaivalya

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I had this issue a few times and removing collateral or doing some other cancelation first allways helped to fill some ADA for Minswap.