Out-of-range vs Limit Orders

Hello! What exactly is the logic that distinguishes ‘out-of-range’ from ‘limit’ orders, as shown in the Queueing column of the Minswap App?

They are effectively the same. When a swap request is sent, there is no real distinction between a limit order and a market order on the Minswap contract side of things as far as I can tell. What you basically send to the order contract is the amount of coin you are sending and a minimum amount you are willing to receive. On the frontend, I believe what they do is for market orders they take the current price and slippage and make sure the minimum amount is less than the current swap price. This gives the swap a high probability of executing assuming other orders weren’t submitted before yours. The limit order on the frontend lets you effectively specify what the minimum amount received is based on the price you set.

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