Proposal for the MIN Token Revenue Redistribution and Market Support Program (MRRMSP)

Executive Summary

In the spirit of fostering a robust economic model and enhancing token stability, this proposal aims to introduce the MIN Token Revenue Redistribution and Market Support Program (MRRMSP). This initiative seeks to directly leverage batcher fee revenue of the DAO (1 ADA per trade), to systematically purchase MIN tokens from the market. The resulting tokens will be equitably redistributed to all MIN token holders (stakers, LP’s and plain holders), thus encouraging holding behavior, aligning community interests, and creating a stabilizing buy pressure for the MIN token.

Buyback and Distribution Mechanism

The MRRMSP will implement a strategic buyback approach coupled with a targeted distribution method:

  1. Market Buyback of MIN Tokens: A dedicated portion of the batcher fee revenue will be used to systematically buy MIN tokens from the open market, creating consistent buy pressure.
  2. Automated and Randomized Schedule: To prevent potential front-running and market manipulation, buybacks will occur at randomized intervals using automated smart contract functions.

Distribution Strategy to MIN Holders

  1. Minimum Holding-Based Rewards: Distribution will be calculated based on the minimum amount of MIN held by an address between two snapshots and delayed . This incentivizes token retention and gradual ecosystem growth. Ala WMT

  2. Automated Snapshot Process: Snapshots will be taken at random intervals to determine eligibility for rewards. This process is designed to deter gaming the system and encourage consistent holding.

  3. Fair Allocation to All Holders: All MIN holders, whether they are stakers, LP contributors (for them the snapshot should be of LP since MIN holdings change on price), or simple holders, will be eligible for rewards, promoting an inclusive approach to value distribution.

Governance and Execution

  1. Transparent and Participatory Governance: The community will have a say in the ongoing management of the MRRMSP through a transparent governance process, ensuring the program reflects the will of the token holders.
  2. Costs of Execution Borne by Recipients: To maintain program efficiency, any transaction fees incurred for claiming rewards will be the responsibility of the recipients.
  3. Flexible Snapshot and Claim Schedule: While snapshots will be taken randomly, the rewards may be claimed at the convenience of the holder, ensuring that participants can manage their holdings without pressure to act immediately.
  4. Smart Contract Assurance: The implementation of the buyback and distribution will be carried out by automated smart contracts to ensure fidelity to the program’s parameters and governance decisions.

Expected Benefits

  • Reinforced market support for the MIN token through ongoing buybacks.
  • Incentivized token retention, reducing the likelihood of significant sell-offs.
  • Equitable distribution of rewards to all MIN token holders, fostering community solidarity.
  • Enhanced perception of the MIN token as a stable and attractive asset within the broader cryptocurrency market.


The MRRMSP presents a strategic initiative to fortify the MIN token’s market position by directly reinvesting batcher fee revenue into token buybacks, promoting liquidity, and rewarding the community. It lays the foundation for a stronger, more engaged, and financially aligned MIN ecosystem, driving us towards a prosperous and stable future.

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