Propose to use MIN to pay fees for minswap dex transactions

Explore idea to add utility to MIN token. Appreciate the consideration by minswap team and would be great for community to share / comment on pros and cons.


This would require totally different smart contracts so that there would be a pool of MIN earned for each liquidity provider. I think it is a good idea though. It would require new pools for people to migrate to, like a Minswap V2, similiar to what Uniswap did


I agree… more utilities should be discussed. I would love people to come to the realization that they are selling out of a good DEX coin. Most people don’t seem to get that. But at the same time with lack of talk regarding utility, you can’t entirely blame them.


perhaps it would be interesting to have a stake or farming of min in which we can choose in which token we want the rewards

if the MIN token was used to pay fees, who exactly is it being paid to? If it’s given to the batcher they are just gonna turn around and dump it anyway. Does it go into the DAO treasury? Does it become POL? Zapping it into the LP means selling half of it off anyways to pair it with ADA.

Seems to me that the only thing this would really do is reduce fee revenue for the protocol while not doing anything to actually prevent selling pressure.

The notion of paying fees with the token assumes that the token actually has value.

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yeah basically this tbh…