Provide more details on staked liquidity positions (yield farming)

When staking LP tokens, they are gone from “my liquidity” and are only visible under “farm”. However, the only information there is the number of tokens and earned MIN through farming. AFAICS there is no way anymore to see how many tokens of the pair represent that liquidity.

That makes it very hard / impossible to see/calculate fee gains.

I’d expect the same information about the token pair, that i can see under “my liquidity” (amount of tokens A/B, relative price, pool share) also to be present on the “farm” page, or alternatively the farmed MIN visible on the “your liquidity” page together with the staked LP tokens.

The latter case is probably the easiest - just leave the original info there for the LP, disable buttons, add a note, that the LP tokens are staked and add the info about accrued MIN amount.


As far as i understand it, this is a UI bug, and does not warrant a formal proposal, though I do agree, of course, that LPers should have full access to their liquidity positions.


Yes, at a minimum, we need to see how much of the underlying assets we have if we withdraw out LP tokens: x ADA and y MIN for example.