purrAda already converted to ADA-MIN LP

I had my MIN and purrADA in the same Nami wallet. I meant to just create LP for the MIN I had, but after I added the ADA-MIN to the liquidity pool, it also appeared to convert the purrADA into LP as well! (I did this before the 3/14 Settlement Phase).

I didn’t intend to do that, but my question is, will I be left out of the bonus yield farming rewards for the LBE participants because it appears my purrADA already got converted?

Thanks in advance, Minswap looks like it’ll be a great DEX!

Hey! You need to convert all PurrADA to LP tokens in order to be able to start Yield farming on the 14th, so you should be all good!
PurrADA will be useless after the 14th!

I’m such a noob, I thought somehow the purrADA was supposed to be converted AFTER the 14th. Thanks for the clarification!

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