Reroute Trading Fee Discount To Treasury

Thought Process

I would like to propose a way to further combat the emissions in a way that seems to not be doing much harm to the workings of the dex. I speak as someone who currently buys and holds min and has well over the max discount fee threshold of 50,000 MIN.

The max trading discount of 0.5 from the batcher fee can be achieved by having atleast 50,000 MIN. As a minholder that discount means almost nothing to me and adds no value to my daily life and does not make me want to buy MIN any more or any less because of it. It essentially does not make a difference. I also know that the team is able to forgo that 0.5 batcher fee without much damage to the way the dex operates currently because they set that as the max limit for the discount. I see it making a difference for high frequency traders only, but for people who want to provide lp or buy and hold (which I assume is the majority) this makes almost no difference.


In our journey to find more utility for the MIN token, I believe that a better way to structure this would be to remove the discount and instead incentivize people by rerouting the same amount that would have been discounted for the different tiers to the min-ada pool instead. From the user POV the discount is very negligible to begin with, but when we take into account the volume of transactions on the dex, this would greatly benefit the Protocol Owned Liquidity.


As a min holder I know for a fact that would make me feel better. We would be able to grow the treasury even more when we combine it with the fee switch. Every time I make a purchase, I would feel good knowing that the POL is getting stronger with each transaction I make.

The emissions can also be greatly countered during times of high transaction volume and this would make a lot of people feel a lot better.

Assumptions & Potential Fixes

I know during a bull market a 2Ada batcher fee might be too much. So the number may change, but I hope we can implement this concept, remove the batcher fee discount, change the marketing for this portion of the tokens utility, and restructure the rerouting of what used to be the batcher fee so that it is a percentage.

So for example, 50,000 min wallet gets 0.5/2 Ada discount = 25%. (and repeat as desired for whichever tier you fall in).

This way, even if the batcher fee changes, the rerouting will always be a percentage of the new batcher fee.


The goal of this is not to pump price. I want to trim the fat and find creative ways to make our token have amazing utility apart from what it already has. I believe we can set a new precedent for dexes and I am proud to be a MIN holder. Hope we can vote this into existence!


I agree - the batcher fee discount “utility” is a wash - perhaps some numbers should be provided.
if you’re not charging for trades, you increase transactions count but decrease fees collected for the fee switch ( literally the only dex value to token holders ).
If you remove the trade discount - some MIN will sell, but the fee switch revenue should offset *if you really are the best game in town with highest TVL

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Interesting. I would be curious to see a simulation of this. Perhaps the coming Minswap report will have some info for that. Or maybe someone someone knows how many trades are done in a given interval on Minswap? On that note, why not put number of trades on the web app next to the volume stat.

I would rather mantain the discount for holders but destinate the part of the discount that has not been reached to zap in the ada min pool. If there is a maximum of 0,5 ada to the discount and the swaper has 25k min in his Wallet then 0.25 ada are discounted and the other 0.25 are destínated to the fee Switch. I agree with the other proposals (variable fee, etc)