Staked adas not shown in farm anymore as well as earned mint etc.!

all of a sudden, my staked ada’s in 2 pools are not shown anymore!!!

It sounds like you’re mixing a couple concepts up. Are you yield farming or only providing liquidity? If you are yield farming, you are not staking ADA but rather you are staking your LP tokens for a specific asset pair (eg. ADA-MIN). In that case, if you are not showing that you are staking anymore then check the following:

  • you withdrew your LP tokens from the yield farm
  • your wallet is disconnected from the DEX
  • you connected a different wallet to the DEX

i did farming in the ADA-MIN and ADA-MELD farm and it showed everything till last week.
Now it only shows the few Ada on my wallet that were left. No history shown anything.

Now its all showing again but i cant get rewards ,Error shows “not enough ada leftover to include non ada assets in a change adress”?

Try sending all your funds to yourself (ie. consolidate UTXOs) within the same wallet.

how u do that?
if i try to get liquitity out of farm it says UTxO insuffience balance?

In your wallet copy a receive address and send all your assets to that address. If all your ADA it’s tied up in the DEX, you might need to get some more to cover txn costs.