Unable to stake harvested LD in ADA-CLAP pool

Today I harvested my yield from the ADA-MIN farm, added it to the pool again and staked it. Now I want to do the same with the yield from the ADA-CLAP farm but I’m stuck.

Looking at my available liquidity, I’ve got about 22.000.000 in MIN-CLAP LP. But when I click the stake button on that farm, I’m getting “No tokens to stake ADA-CLAP LP. You can Add Liquidity.”

Am I missing something? I did the exact same thing about an hour ago with ADA-MIN, which worked as expected.

Did you mean to say MIN-CLAP LP? MIN-CLAP is not supported with yield farms, only ADA-CLAP is

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Right, I made a mistake there. I harvested and immediately pooled it again. What works for the ADA-MIN farm, but not for all the other ones. Thanks!

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