Update Roadmap until 2023

I would like to see how the roadmap for Minswap looks like longer term, this could & will add some vallue for holding the token… currently there is no clear view on that.
Read already some intersting suggestions. Probably it will all start with the DAO…
Hopefully we see soon some announcement on that! :grinning:

Keep up the good work!


For me its also important

Great DEX!

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i second that…to increase investment there has got to be some vision and roadmap…

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to add MINSWAP will not be making investors any money through LPs due to impermanent loss when volatility hits.
With a roadmap of different DeFi services, lending/borrowing, Vault staking, Portfolio Launchpad Funds for new startups etc , some of which can be done quickly within the next quarter or 2. you will be able to drive buying pressure for MIN.
Now, the experience traders harvests MIN every fortnight and convert them to ADA or CNTs.

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