User-Configurable Layout

On the Trade page, the latest update switched the chart to be positioned on the right and the order entry on the left. I, for one, was quite happy with the layout as it existed prior to this update. Now the token price is on the extreme right of the screen, when previously it was well placed near the center of the screen.

As some users may like this new layout but others, such as myself, prefer the previous one, could you make the page layout user-configurable so we can move things around and even resize the windows to our liking?

While you’re doing that, if you could change the layout back to the old one, that’d be great… :slightly_smiling_face:

Test, test… Is this thing on?

You’ll get a faster response on the discord, but I believe most people like this new layout.

A user-configurable layout is best even if most aren’t discerning. Who likes the token price being on the extreme far edge of the screen? Was there an actual user poll taken that I missed or are you speculating?

“I believe” that “most people” like it isn’t very concrete evidence.

Speculating, but feel free to post this in the ideas channel on the discord. The dev in charge of the front end will see if it is doable.