We Want to add a PBX Farm

Project Name: Paribus

About the Project: Paribus is a cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFT’s , Liquidity positions , synthetics Assets Expanding interoperability for the the Cardano Blockchain


Utility: PBX is Paribus’ native governance token, allowing holders to create and vote on proposals relating to protocol guidance. The PBX token’s ultimate goal is to align the incentives across the Paribus yield protocol, creating a codified harmony between stakeholders, the protocol itself, and the security of the assets contained within it

Farming Rewards : 20M in PBX Rewards will be allocated earning PBX + MIN + ADA

Why should you farm:
Our community has been waiting to Bridge in to Cardano for a long time and finally using Chainport
link here: https://app.chainport.io/
PBX can be transferred seemingly between Arbitrum ETH and Cardano.
More then 8% of the total circulation has moved already in to Cardano
showing high demand towards the PBX Token on Cardano
As well above1500 Holders in little over a week.
We believe Cardano as a whole can enjoy from more liquidity!

Circulating supply: 6,123,630,944
Total Supply: 9,282,289,336
Max Supply:10,000,000,000 ( Tokens were burnt out of Max supply)

PBX is listed on Kucoin , Gate.io

New White Paper and tokenomics are being prepared
Please check our discord to receive present Documents

Website: https://paribus.io/

Dapp: https://app.paribus.io/

Audit by: Hacken , Zokyo

  • I’m In favor to Farm PBX
  • I’m not in Favor to Farm PBX

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I had some trouble signing in with Twitter and Discord and looks like I am not the only one, but here we are, managed with errors and username and pass. Cant wait to see it live.


Seems like a no brainer. Lets get it

Paribus does have some great devs on their team and some very well known members of our community, lending and borrowing done the right way is important especially surrounding some of the issues surrounding high vol times and being able to add liquidity in order to insure not getting liquidated. Love this idea of creating this pool:-)

Seems to be a part of other chains and bridging its way over here. I like the cross chain action and exposure.