Where can I see my revenue from trading fees?

I am a liquidity provider on minswap.org, let’s say for ADA/AGIX. I can see my total share of the liquidity pool. If I understand it right, whenever someone uses minswap to swap between ADA and AGIX, there is transaction fee and I get a percentage of that.

Where, on the website, can I see the revenue that was generated from that? Is that payout in ADA, AGIX, MIN, MINt? (I assume MIN play only a role in farming, not in the above mentioned transaction fee)


That fee is added to the pool itself and makes your share of the pool bigger. So, you don’t directly get those tokens but when you withdraw you would get more tokens, the tokens being those of the specific pool you have liquidity in.

I don’t believe you can see a calculation on the site.

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Alright, thanks. That makes sense. So I guess I need to track the amounts of pooled ADA and pooled AGIX, respectively, to get an idea.

In my opinion, this is an important feature missing, though. I would like to see at least some basic accounting from my provided liquidity. For the farming, at least they show the current amounts to be harvested.


Yes I agree, it would be nice to get more analytics on the site.