Withdraw stake lp token

I had a problem withdrawing my steak profit and the exchange shows me error {You must setup collateral first} .I use nami wallet .how to fix it?

On Nami, hit the robot icon, and you should see collateral on the dropdown list.

Unexpected error value: “UTxO Balance Insufficient”

This error is displayed at the moment of withdrawal

I think that means you need more ADA…

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Why is that exactly? Just now I tried to harvest the yield of last month, and I got the same error. I had about 50 ADA in that wallet, and after adding 500 ADA the error went away.

Do I need as much ADA in the wallet as the equivalent I’m harvesting? Or how does it work?

The Cardano protocol requires you have a certain amount of ADA for each other native assets you have, so you never get stuck with assets and no ADA to send them elsewhere. 50 ADA should be enough, unless you have a TON of other native assets (like if you were grabbing everything offered on Dripdropz).

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Ok, I see what went wrong. I didn’t realise that the amount was mainly in staking rewards. That’s why it didn’t go through.

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