Yeild Farming vs Locking LP in MINt

I have 24,000,000,000 LP farming Min/Ada…

I looked into locking it up to earn the 2.5x after 135 days… However and here is where I am confused…

I have no MINt, so I would have to sell off roughly half of LP just to get the MINt to be able to stake… doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

I will now have half the LP earning for me and in the 4 months I would have to wait to unstake I will lose out on harvesting and redistributing to compound… kind of nullifying the 2.5x return no???..

I am hoping that I am misunderstanding how this all works, would love to have it explained.

Many people have MINt from participating in FISO or from swapping in the ADA/MINt pool. Previously, there was also a large price differential between MIN and MINt so many decided it was advantageous to convert their MIN to MINt with the plan to participate in the MINt boost later.

I can’t help with the decision of what you should do, but I do not have any MINt personally and will likely not participate in the boost.

thanks for response, yea I get it “not financial advice” I am not looking for that, just want to make sure I understand calculations to be able to make the decision, just doesnt seem worth it if you dont alerady have MINt maybe im just not seeing something.

Would be great, if we could get some more responses to that statement. What is the benefit of swapping into MINt and locking it up - now? As Koray mentioned, you have to “eradicate” half of your LP tokens to swap them into MINt.

Short calculation example.

24,000,000,000 LP tokens * 80% APR/365days * 45days = 2.367.123.287 MIN
12,000,000,000 LP tokens * 80% APR/365days * 45days = 300 MIN * 1,75 = MIN

And as I understood, 4 MINt are turning into one MIN after the locking period. Is that correct?