Yield Farming improvements

So, like the other thread, and to keep it organised, if u have any suggestions for yield farming plase let us know here hehe, ty!!

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Wishlist: Display total ADA/MIN that made up your LP tokens. It will help investors keep track of impermenant loss.


UI: Have toggle button that would allow to display pairs that one puts liquidity in


Totally agree!. We need this as soon as possible, please!

Definitely, we need this as soon as possible!

Wishlist: I’d love to see an ADA-CARGO farm!!

I would love this! Please implement soon.

Is it possible to have a function to withdraw all the rewards from all the pools you YF on with just one transaction?


For how long Farming is going to take place is it lock like for one month and after that it can be harvest? Also, if it’s lock for a month can you show the countdown of the 30 days?

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There is no lock period, you can harvest at any time.

Hello All! Congratulations on the successful launching of the DEX. In the “Kitty reward chart”, it showed a YF pool or Flickto, but there is none on the YF page. Do you plan a Flicto option?

I’d like a Favorites page like MuesliSwap has. I like keeping track of my favorite pools and I don’t like scrolling through all the nonsense, especially as the meme coins start adding pairs.

I personally think this would be a great idea.

I am contributing to 6 pools and paying fees for each one separately feels in-necessary from a users perspective.

Not sure how complicated this would be from a technical perspective, it doesn’t sound too hard though.

This feature got added yesterday, you can see your LP position under “Your liquidity” tab.



It would be great to have an overview of the current liquidity invested, with something like an equivalent in Ada or stable coin to track the value of the lp we have and remind how much we put.
At the moment I didn’t find a tool to convert lp to Ada or anything we can lookup.


If you go to “My Liquidity” (Minswap DEX | Multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano) you will see almost exactly what you are looking for I think? It shows your pooled tokens (eg. ADA & cNETA) as well as your staked amount and pool share. If you want to determine your “equivalent” ADA, just double your pooled ADA for a good estimate.


@theodorkx Thank you! This exactly what I was looking for!

I just got wrecked on a trade. Tried to add CLAP to Zapp in (12,500), converted to LP tokens, and then withdrew 20 minutes later. Received just under 5,000 CLAP back (lost 7,500) and 1,200 MIN tokens…

see transaction ID… lost a lot of money here… wtf just happened!
Please help

Please help, have lost a lot of CLAP tokens trying to add to LP… on MIN Swap.

funds in:

12,500 CLAP

exchanged for LP tokens

withdrew LP tokens

withdrew funds:

expecting + 12,500 CLAP

instead received:

  • 1,224.63* MIN
  • 4,937.576 CLAP

Or written in another way (cut and paste of transactions) - reverse order.

Received Ada and Tokens
4th Apr 2022, 08:14:24
0: Laminar Relayer
1: 76ecb5a36edd6803ee6141ddb9d7ee81892e8ac31586971c884c45301a742322
+2.000000 ₳
4,937.576 CLAP
1,224.630962 MIN
Sent Ada and Tokens
4th Apr 2022, 08:11:25
-4.315497 ₳
-76,292,817 c9df81a3f1a001f555f6bdca6c18c6bc182b8df14a71de883ef5bbcfd6ab5f58
Received Ada and Tokens
4th Apr 2022, 07:56:15
0: Laminar Relayer
1: 8a22a347f14d5039012981d9a8e3ae982e597a89931196405490ea69e81d3b75
+2.000000 ₳
76,292,817 c9df81a3f1a001f555f6bdca6c18c6bc182b8df14a71de883ef5bbcfd6ab5f58
Sent Ada and Tokens
4th Apr 2022, 07:53:21
-4.312813 ₳
-12,500.000 CLAP

Please help someone… feeling pretty shitty about this… Can reward person who assists!

great idea. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I think I understand this correctly-- you zapped 12,500 CLAP into a CLAP-MIN pool and believe you received less than you were supposed to?

First, when you zap into a liquidity pool what is happening:

  1. half your asset is sold into the pool you are zapping into in order to purchase the other half of the pair

  2. the two assets are deposited into the liquidity pool together in a 1:1 value ratio.

In a sufficiently large pool with minimal price impact, you would’ve sold 6,250 CLAP and received an equivalent amount of CLAP (1,550 at the current market prices).

HOWEVER, if the size of the pool you are zapping into is small (by TVL) compared to the value of your swap, then your price impact of step 1 of the zap would be substantial! Checking the CLAP-MIN pool right now, a 12,500 CLAP Zap-In would represent 40% share of the entire pool! Any big trade in this pool is going to come with a huge impact!

It seems to me that when you zapped in your 12,500 CLAP, you were met with the huge price impact I was referring to. 4,938 CLAP + 1,225 MIN indicates a loss of about 20%. Unfortunately for you, everything seemed to work exactly the way it was designed.

Had you instead swapped 6,250 CLAP for ADA and then swapped that for MIN (two steps), you would’ve been able to deposit nearly exactly the 6,250 CLAP & 1,550 MIN that I mentioned above and avoided most of this loss while still controlling a huge percent of the CLAP-MIN LP.

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