2nd Emissions Range Adjustment & Compensation for Emissions Committee - Poll

For the last 3 months, Emissions have remained stagnant. Emissions were progressively lowered since the introduction of the Emissions Range Adjustment Proposal in July 2023. Once they met the lower bound, they remained unchanged. After 3 months of no changes, it is clear there is room for adjustments.

There are several reasons for the Emissions Range Adjustment, including the conclusion on a recent analysis that the MIN/ADA Pool is too heavily incentivized, Minswap not being in a Bootstrapping Phase anymore, or the future changes in which Minswap aims to use other ways to attract and incentivize liquidity.

This Proposal aims to introduce 3 measures:

  1. Lower the lower Bound of Emissions by 40% reduce from the minimum cap of 333,333 MIN a day, to 200,000 MIN a day. This is an adjustment to the range of the emissions rate, it does not necessarily mean that the lowest rate will be implemented.

  2. Lower the higher Bound of Emissions by 25%: reduce from the maximum cap of 666,666 MIN a day, to 500,000 MIN a day.

  3. Implement a structure for the Emissions committee: define a series of outputs (such as an Emissions Dashboard, a Mandate, bi-weekly rate adjustments) and a series of compensations linked to it.

For a full breakdown of the reasoning behind each measure, how the Proposal was improved through community feedback and the details behind how each measure is to be implemented, please view the original Forum Post.

Please help us get to 20 votes, so the vote can go on-chain! :slight_smile:

Should this Proposal be put forth for an on-chain vote?
  • Yes
  • No
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The Emission committee has done great work to outline our past, current and future emission plan! Lowering the dynamic emission also aligns with our tokenomics so the numbers look reasonable to me.

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I feel like the added features are a nice addition to the original proposal. Nice to have a community that enriches proposals :slight_smile:

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I don’t personally like the Emissions/Working group proposal as written.

  1. i think it should be separate proposals. Change the limits in one proposal, create WG separately.
  2. The WG should not have the power to add members to itself. The positions are paid, that let’s the committee commit the DAO to more expenses without a DAO vote. Changing the committee structure should be a new proposal.
  3. it shouldn’t name Marco as getting more pay. Specify instead that the committee will elect it’s own chairperson and the chairperson gets more pay. And the committee can change chairperson any time they want.
  4. a tie vote should fail, there should not be a tie-breaker. If there is a tier-breaker, I don’t understand the rationale for giving the tie breaking vote to Purrito. That essentially gives him 2 votes. Tie votes are not a majority and should fail.
  5. the committee should not have the power to fill vacancies by their own vote. The DAO should vote on new members. If not a full DAO vote, then give that power to the KFC. There should also be some sort of nomination process and time for discussion so that it isn’t just done in private with no input from the community

I fully support this proposal. Adjusting the emissions range and providing compensation for the emissions committee are important steps to ensure fairness and sustainability within our ecosystem. Thank you for putting forth these measures to benefit our community.

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Taxing the community to give to the committee? Why don’t you fix the slippage rate in the pool so I can get my liquidity out without losing 94% of my investment? I propose a Limited # of LP tokens minted. Those who provide new liquidity dilute the value and rewards of the ones who provide liquidity first. Also That metric is hidden from those participating in the Farm. That’s why the liquidity is so high for Min-ADA LP tokens. People don’t want to lose thousands of ADA to pull their liquidity out and this proposal is like pouring salt on that wound. Actually worse like the wound being licked by a cat’s tongue.

taxing the community for committee??? they are working for the community and the protocol, do you expect people to work for free?

you dont lose ADA by withdrawing your liquidity position, withdrawal order causes no impact on the pools ratio
not sure if im getting your point there, i guess you are not familiar with impermanent loss?
can you please open a ticket at minswap discord server so we can take a deeper look into your problem?

Ok if I put in 3175 Cardano regardless of market value and that was split 50/50 with Min regardless of market value shouldn’t I get that equivalent back out? Or is what you are telling me is that the LP tokens themselves have a different value than my Cardano and Min tokens? If so then where is that metric found? The swap tells me that the slippage is negative 94% to exchange back to Cardano and 98% to Min. Explain how this is impermanent loss? Seems its permanent to me. My guess is the loss is due to continuous minting of LP tokens for new liquidity providers. The more LP tokens minted the less value there will be in my LP tokens continuously to infinity. That’s not impermanent loss. That’s called inflation. Extreme inflation at that. It’s theft. And Minswap hides that fact from it’s community.

you’ll get the equivalent back on lp withdrawal if the price/ratio stays the same

“The swap tells me that the slippage is negative 94% to exchange back to Cardano”
on which pool? impermanent loss is a risk for providing liquidity not swapping on a pool

you are not trying to swap your lp tokens for ADA right? if you want to withdraw you should go to your liquidity page and remove the position

Min farm. I withdrew 25% of my liquidity. To exchange the LP tokens to ADA or Min and this is what the exchange says. This was today. The percentages have gotten higher.

You shouldn’t be swapping your lp tokens for ada
To withdraw the liquidity position please go to liquidity - your liquidity and click on remove
Withdrawing from farm and withdrawing the liquidity position are 2 separate process
If you want to receive the underlying tokens you have to withdraw the liquidity position as well

Ok well that button doesn’t show up until I harvest from the farm. Now I see it. Thank you very much. I tried to have this same discussion on the Forum 2 months ago and the only response I got was from a Mini Swap scam and someone posted yeah that’s a scam. Bet I’m not the only one confused by this process though and I’ve search every stinking video on YouTube. F*%# and I been living in my truck! That’s been leaking gas everywhere from the fuel pump and I didn’t have the money to fix it. Thank You very much. I’m an idiot!

Our official support is on our discord server where we have a ticketing system
We don’t really do support on forum, forum is mostly used for proposal discussion purposes and such

I don’t know what the hell a discord server is. But I just got a notification on the Forum so I expect that was you.Thanks again.

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I propose a helpful user guide added to the menu on the exchange itself to help newbies and maybe a help menu?
I can’t change my vote on this one but $100 a month is way too low if you asked me I was just p 'd off. And I see that was you trying to help me before. I’m an idiot. Thanks again.