About the Temp Check Discussion category

The Temperature Check process is a crucial mechanism for refining proposals. It facilitates thorough debate and allows for comprehensive feedback to be integrated into each proposal through several iterations. This iterative approach ensures that the proposal evolves with new insights and data, leading to a more informed and higher quality outcome.

To initiate a Temperature Check and successfully advance it to on-chain voting, the prescribed steps need to be meticulously followed.

  1. Start by posting a proposal to the community in the "Temperature Check’’ section of the Forum. At the end of the title of the forum include the following suffix “- Temp Check”. An example Forum title would be “Minswap Token Burn - Temp Check”.

  2. This Proposal should be detailed but concise. You must remain engaged with the discussion and be willing to adapt your proposal based on feedback from other forum users, Minswap Labs and community managers.

  3. Share a link to the Forum along with a concise summary of your proposal in the “proposal-discussion” channel of the Minswap Discord. This ensures that members are aware of your proposal and can provide their feedback.

  4. Remain actively involved in the ensuing discussion and be open to modifying your proposal based on the community’s input.