About the Temp Check Polls category

  1. This step should be taken only after sufficient feedback (1 week of discussion) has been collected regarding the technical implementation of the Proposal and other relevant details. Before this step is taken, you are able to edit and update your Temperature Check Proposal regularly in the Forum to integrate feedback.

  2. Once there is a final, refined version of the proposal, a new post should be made in the “Temp Check Polls” section of the Forum. This post should have the same title as the original, but with the addition of " - Poll" as a suffix.

  3. The Text of this Post will be the text displayed on the on-chain Proposal (if successful). Please include Summary of the Temperature Check Proposal, the Options for MIN Holders to vote between, any necessary notes to the proposal, and a link to the updated and final forum post.

  4. Most importantly, you need to use the Build a Poll function to enable Forum users to vote on whether the Proposal should go to on-chain voting. The poll will primarily determine if there is enough support for the proposal to warrant an on-chain vote, typically with a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ choice.

  5. To Build a Poll, Navigate to New Topic → Settings Gear Icon → Build A Poll → Poll Settings Icon and then fill out the form as below.

The essential components of the poll should look like this when finished:

  1. To build support for the proposal, engage with personal and social media networks, as well as Minswap DAO members. Actively discuss the proposal, address questions, and share its rationale, aligning with Minswap DAO’s mission. Embrace disagreements as they reflect a healthy democratic process within Minswap DAO, contributing to optimal community and protocol outcomes.

  2. The poll will last for 5 days and at the end of this duration if the majority votes “Yes” and the minimum quorum of 20 votes is met. If these conditions are met then the proposal can be put forth for an on-chain vote in the next step. If there is evidence of many fake accounts (created less than a month prior to the vote) being created in order to reach 20 votes, the vote will be considered invalid.

Should a Temperature Check Poll fail to secure a majority of “Yes” votes or quorum is not met and there’s an interest among community members to present a modified proposal addressing raised concerns, the Step 1 process can be reiterated. For each successive iteration, the title of these revised proposals should include ‘v2, v3, etc.’ to indicate their version. To maintain the integrity of the poll results, the content of a Temperature Check must remain unchanged once the poll has commenced. Any deviation from this rule will be flagged by moderators.