Add ASHIB token to Yield farming

1.1 Shiba Inu is the flagship meme token on Ethereum. ADA Shiba Inu, or A SHIB for short, is the 2.0 version of Shiba Inu built on Cardano, utilizing low gas fees and Cardano’s Extended UTXO model.

Ashib launched in November 2021, and quickly developed its own strong online community. Today we have 41k Holders and a Liquidity pool at minswap with almost 100k TVL ADA. We have been in cardano even before dexes existed. And we are here to stay!

1.2 It’s a meme coin with 41,673 holders. We also have DAO where our members could vote on future investments/suggestions with ASHIB token and our NFT. Our members control our treasury wallet.

1.3 Mostly we want to start farming at minswap for our own community, it’s a good incitement to reward ASHIB back to our holders. And of course, it’s a opportunity for us to growth further.

1.4 Circulating supply is 109 billion. 1000 billion was initially minted, but 891 billion token is burned and locked in smart contract (forever).

Public Sale 20%
Liquidity 15%
Community Ideas 25%
Marketing 5%
CEX Listings 10%
We could start with 1 billion ASHIB in minswap farming.

1.5 no.

Minswap ASHIB/ADA pool: minswap
Discord: ASHIB Token
NFT collection 1: ASHIB Heads NFTs | JPG Store
NFT collection 2: ASHIB Elites NFTs | JPG Store

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