ADD COPI (Cornucopias) - ADA Pair to Yield Farming

Love Minswap & Cornucopias. Please add this combo to yield farming!


I vote yes, draw more interest to min and corn, plus I woukd like to farm while waiting for a use case


This is a good proposal that would bring in more liquidity for both min and copi. I really think both projects are top notch.


I support this proposal and will love to see a ADA/COPI farm on Minswap.


yes. I like it. lets do it.


I confess to not know much about Cornucopias, but I am interested to read up on it. That said, I recommend reformatting your proposal to at least meet the guidelines proposed in today’s earlier post by @PurritoGeneral which you can see here: We want to open a MIN Farm! [Proposed Template for Requests to have a new MIN Farm]

Also, though I am new to the community too it looks like most of the immediate positive feedback this proposal has received is from brand new users. This is great except for the fact that the proposal is objectively lacking in detail. Without having answers to the standard set of questions, I don’t think it’s fair to provide a “vote” on the proposal.


this should have happened yesterday!

We definitely need to have this! Please for all us corny folks! :corn:

I am already an investor in COPI but would strongly consider investing a larger part of my portfolio if there was a COPI-ADA yield farming option.
Fairly sure that I am not the only one that would love to take advantage of supporting this proposal.

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I support this 100% :heart_eyes:

100%, its a great pair, and will create increase activity for both projects.

I’m already in the LP so perfectly natural to farm it too.

Great Idea. I’m looking forward for farming the pair ADA/COPI :star_struck:

Great idea this would be amazing to farm it. I cannot wait!!

Great idea, 100% behind it. Let’s go!

It’s great that the COPI community is excited about wanting a Minswap farm. However, I’d like to hear from current Minswap farm holders, as well! I hold no COPI, and I don’t intend to, but I want to see Minswap’s user count grow over time, and to do that, we will need to add more farms. What do the rest of you think? I’m currently neutral on this proposal.

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Let’s get COTI on MINSWAP farms ASAP! Gona be a great benefit for our future on Cardano.

Great idea. There is already Pavia/ADA farm, so there definitely should be COPI/ADA too.

agreed with you mate cornucopias is a best project

i aupport that 100% :heart::heart::heart::heart: