AGIX and MIN Yield Farming for the AGIX/ADA Pool

Hi Minswap Community,

SingularityNET Platform is an open-source protocol & collection of smart contracts which form a decentralized market of coordinated AI services. This decentralized marketplace allows anyone to create, share, and monetize their AI service at scale. The AGIX token is used for purchasing AI services and governing the platform. The visionary behind SingularityNET is CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel — A leading AI researcher, AGI developer, and chair of the AGI society and Humanity+.

SingularityNET is committed to the vision of Decentralizing the creation and applications of AI while progressively moving the world towards Artificial General Intelligence.

After having released the ERC20 Converter on April 18th, in collaboration with IOHK, SingularityNET now is looking to expand its liquidity on Cardano. We’d like to propose providing yield farming for AGIX/ADA on Minswap to achieve this.

The audits for the AGIX token can be found in this folder

AGIX currently has 30,663 token holders on Ethereum and about 1100 on Cardano. Total supply is 1,140,267,922 tokens, circulating supply is 1,042,081,364. The maximum supply is 2B tokens, to be reached 90 years from now, as projected in our Phase Two proposal (, page 19.

Proposal Summary

SingularityNET offers to provide 1 million AGIX tokens for yield farming, spread over 6 months.

For more information on SingularityNET please see the following links:

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Great idea! I would add liquidity in Minswap for AGIX.


Great idea, I already started to provide liquidity for AGIX/ADA pool, would be great to have some LP tokes.


would also love to stake LP for this project!

Absolutely! This is a great project.

I’ve a problem LP TOKEN ADA/AGIX remove liquidity! , Since october 2023 I’m trying make SWAPs and withdraws with my LP token ADA/AGIX … I’m not getting! It’s locked, or something is wrong with MINSWAP My Minswap Wallet What’s the problem??
I’ve enough ADA and others token like AGIX and MIN in my…