Altered wallets

Hi about 10months ago i provided liquidity and staked the lp tokens to a farm in a nami wallet browser extension there was also an nft and a few dripdrops promotionals in the adres now 10months later i want to check put the Wallet i reinstal the nami extension with my 24word phrase and i see that there is nothing left in the Wallet also there is no lp tokens staked if i lookup the orders in history i see there is a lot missing involving lp swaps any1 have the same situation or can this be explained? Nothing is stolen if u check the tx history only data shows altered if i track the nft crow#6555 i can see a wallet $-atomicheroes- was involved in my transactions i never intended to send to the handle got the info by tracking cexplorer

The problem with Nami wallet is that it only uses one wallet address, so if it gets re-created with a certain address and all your tokens are in a different address, you won’t be able to see them. I suggest using a wallet that allows you to use multiple addresses like

Try restoring your wallet with eternl instead, nami has had some issues lately