Disappearing order and worse

I sent a swap order on Minswap, it disappeared after a few minutes. my account: addr1qy4rle06wr7wu5khda6el5w2uuennxlk6sn8c7dec9s7m8e53c2a68sjz3xt2j6vc2uxd3rl5yy0tqzqx6aj8kfy63dqyfqatg


looking at both Cardanoscan and Adastat you have, instead of swapping the tokens in the order, staked my ADA in my account to Onyx together with 2 tokens . I have no staking active in this account, thus no reward address. Looking at the staking account there is a huge number of transactions. stake1uy6gu9warcfpgn94fdxv9wrxc3l6zz84spqrdwermyjdgksd0w79e

I want a good explanation for this, I want my ADA and tokens unstaked (CGV and AGIX), I want the rewards generated from. this staking that started February 10, and I want the fee back paid for this mess. ₳-0.177777. Immediately.

can you please open a ticket at minswap official discord server?
you can get the links from minswap webpage
please be careful about scammers