Easiest and cheapest way to get AGIX over to Minswap?

I have AGIX in Ledger (ETH network)

I want to cash out of it.

I was thinking to bridge it over to cardano network, into nami wallet, swap for ada, then cash out through giftcards

not sure how much eth gas fees will be to get agix from ledger to the bridge, then if there are fees to bridge it

Can you share any other suggestions on how to easily and CHEAPLY get out of my agix?

I’m not sure this is the cheapest way with the eth gas fees

ANOTHER OPTION: Do you think it would be cheaper to swap AGIX for ADA in my Ledger wallet (through Changelly)? Again, not sure the gas fees to do this swap, as well as what would be the fee to send ADA to bitrefill?

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there are 2 ways that you can cash out

  1. sell agix on eth
  2. bridge it over to cardano and then sell it for ada
    not sure which way is more profitable

also be careful about scammers, make sure you get the links from official minswap webpage

Thank you - I noticed that about scammers after I chatted with one on his “live” chat yesterday (didn’t connect my wallet with him thank god)

I read more forums and decided to:

1 - buy some eth - and sent it to my ledger wallet
2 - I’m going to swap my agix in my ledger wallet to xrp and cash out that way to a giftcard

I think that’s the cheapest and easiest way to do it.

Thank you for your help!

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