Error when trying to harvest or withdraw

hello for some weeks i have trouble to harvest or withdraw from ada-agix and ada- rjv farms.
when im using yoroi wallet following error occurs

Unexpected error value: [{ message: “{"reason":"Unknown transaction input (missing from UTxO set): e0c4fcba95fe379061d2ec873d21a184f54ba7333863ff400e5089b63bf65ad6#1"}” }]

when i use gerowallet (that is using the same yoroi account imported) i will get this message:

Unexpected error value: [{ message: “{"error":"An error has occurred: User error:\nThe machine terminated because of an error, either from a built-in function or from an explicit use of ‘error’.","traces":}” }]

i have deleted all connections already and reconnected already. still the same

any idea ?

Hi, I am getting other error messages when attempting to harvest using Yoroi walet:
“Redeemer (Spend, 0): The provided Plutus code called ‘error’.\n\nExBudget {\n mem: 412614,\n cpu: 133072909,\n}\n\n”